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Drywall & Stucco Repair

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Your Search for Painting Companies Near Me in Santa Barbara that Perform Drywall and Stucco Repair is Over

Paradise Painting is proud to offer dual services for stucco and drywall repair alongside our paintwork. With their trained eyes, our contractors can efficiently and effectively diagnose problems in both your drywall and stucco. While some problems are easy to identify, ala cracks produced by children playing, and accidental punctures, some issues are less obvious and require the expertise of someone who knows what to look for.

We do most drywall and stucco repairs in-house but for larger, more extensive repairs, we partner with a licensed subcontractor who is the best in the business!

Prior to completing any painting job, we will verify the health of your walls (both interior and exterior), ensuring that they will be able to withstand our rigorous preparation and painting phases. This includes any potential problems that are at risk of further development in the future. With our keen eye and two decades of experience, identifying these problems is second nature. However, with that ability comes using our discretion to know when a job can be performed safely by our crew and when it falls out of our wheelhouse.

For the most part, our crew at Paradise Painting can perform minor to moderate drywall and stucco repairs. However, for more extensive repairs that require massive overhauls and extensive remediation, it is our policy to refer outside of our practice. Why do we do this? Because we would never take on a job that we could not execute to the absolute best of our abilities. When it comes to stucco and drywall, it boils down to issues of safety, and we refuse to carry out any work unless it can be done in a safe and secure manner.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go on the hunt for another Montecito, Malibu, or Santa Barbara house painter who can offer drywall and stucco repair. If we are unable to fix the issue, we have other respected contractors we partner with whom we will refer you. We

ONLY ever partner with other businesses that share our values. Their work, at our referral, is a direct reflection on us. Therefore, we will only ever refer you to other contractors who we know and respect.

Our Drywall Repair at a Glance

In order to better understand drywall repairs, it helps to have a base knowledge of what drywall is. Drywall (also referred to as plasterboard, dry lining, wallboard, sheetrock, and more) is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate, or, gypsum. Sometimes drywall consists of additives, and sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, it is used in the construction of interior walls, and ceilings.

Drywall, while a shoo-in for construction, is not without its weaknesses. For example, it is highly susceptible to water damage, and exposure to water of any kind can spell disaster.

While strong enough to fit into the structural integrity of your property, drywall is also not impenetrable. Cracks, fissures, and fractures are commonplace. For many of these smaller-scale issues, our crew at Paradise can efficiently repair them using time-honored techniques and up-to-date industry technology. Overall, we make it a part of our process to verify the health of your drywall prior to picking up our paint tools. As a part of our satisfaction guarantee, we must first ensure your walls are healthy. Fortunately, after coming across Paradise Painting in your search for near me painters for hire near me in Camarillo, you have found a crew who can execute proper drywall repair. With the proper credentials, licensure, you can rest assured that your drywall meets high standards of performance, serving as the ideal backdrop for all of your paintwork present, and future. If we encounter any issues during our painting process that you may not have been aware of, we will thoroughly go over your options with you, giving our best recommendations for restoration whether they can be done in-house or with a reputable referral.

Our Stucco Repair at a Glance

Stucco has a very unique look, that is popular in certain regions across the United States (And globally). One look might transport you to the Italian countryside or render images of baroque Spain. Stucco is very popular in Southern California, as it is often found in architecture that we draw inspiration from. We know that stucco looks great, but what’s it made of? Stucco, which literally means plaster in Italian, is a plaster-like material comprised of cement, sand, lime,nand water. While stucco is often noted for having extra levels of strength and resistance, it is not without weaknesses, and therefore, sometimes requires repairs.

Whether or not it’s been adequately installed, stucco will sometimes require repairs ranging from simple to involved. In some circumstances, the best choice moving forward is to enlist full-on repair services. Fortunately, Paradise offers more than just basic house painting near me in Malibu and Southern California. In fact, our contractors come equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to implement widescale repairs designed to restore your stucco and make it ideal for the paint to adhere. We offer a thorough repair service that revitalizes, refurbishes, and restores issues with your stucco in a timely and affordable way. 

Our ability to repair your stucco will likely be contingent on how quickly you are able to identify the symptoms of distress and damage. It will also depend on the level of intervention needed. Certain symptoms will be easier to identify solely based on visual appearance. However, when it comes to preserving stucco and overseeing successful repair, time is of the essence. There is always the possibility that the damage is too great to be repaired even by our competent contractors, which is why we let you know quickly and transparently what your best course of repair entails.

To learn more about our stucco & drywall services, get in touch with us today! We provide a thorough consultation and are happy to answer any questions you may have!